Project Description

I had Mike Bonner perform an home inspection on our house several months ago and boy am I glad I did. His work was very detailed and complete with a complete report detailing his observations and findings.

During his inspection Mike found some very minor water stains in my garage and breakfast nook. That led to a further inspection to an area of the roof that appeared to be uneven. He said the area was soft and indicated damage. The area was not accessible from the attic as it was in a sealed area. Following his recommendation I had a roofing company come and check it out. The leak was found and it required the replacement of an area of the roof (about 60 sq/ft). In addition, some areas of the supporting trusses were water damaged and needed to be repaired. The roofing company told me that although it cost $800 to repair, six months from now it would have cost five times that, if it had not been discovered when it was. Thanks Mike for a great job.

Carrol L Cox